Kinds of Equity Mutual Funds – Unleash the Variety​

Kinds of Equity Mutual Funds - Unleash the Variety

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Types of Equity Mutual Funds - Taxationwealth

If their is one thing that has knocked the door of everyone’s head after the interest rate starting falling is the equity market. With the pandemic many smart ones re-entered the market and a huge lot got insecure about the safety of their investments.

With the stock market reaching new highs again and astonishing the already astonished, some are still mourning while thinking why they redeemed the investment with just a bump on the road when they clearly knew that the equity market is not for quitters and the rest who did dive into the scary ship with high waves of ups and downs can’t stop smiling when seeing their investment portfolios.

So in order to be prepared to grab the next opportunity, improve your knowledge by reading the content below.

10 Kinds of Equity Mutual Funds

1. Multi-cap Mutual Funds

2. Small Cap Mutual Funds

3. Mid Cap Mutual Funds

4. Large Cap Mutual Funds

5. Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS)

6. Dividend Yield Mutual Funds

7. Thematic and Sectoral Funds 

8. Passive Funds

9. Contra Funds

10. Focused Funds

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