Why to create a will before reaching eternity?

What is a will and why to make one before reaching eternity?

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Physical Assets and Documents

No matter how much property or physical assets one has in today’s time of extreme litigation and cumbersome paperwork, it means nothing if their isn’t proper documentation to prove it. It’s somewhat similar to the saying “Put it on Paper” which people at large often use whenever talking about returns on their investments.

Somewhere in our minds we do know how important right documentation is when it comes to wealth but we just neglect it anyways and where we leave ourselves & our children open to things we would never want them to go through.

Now what happens when you can’t actually prove what you own belongs to you?

Things get bad, really bad real quick. Because if you can’t prove it’s yours you cannot liquidate it too and when you can’t liquidate nor provide for to prove that it’s yours, then what good is it to you anyways.

Now what all are things to pay attention to when it comes to physical assets?

Now it’s not that without the above mentioned things sale transactions are not made. But the process gets too lengthy to fulfill all the necessary formalities.

Nomination and Wills

Now this is one of the major concerns people even with our growing finance industry service standards are still unaware about. And the people that do know postpone it for some reason or another or they just say ‘Not Today’.

Components, registration, to probate or not?

The components include factors such as simplicity of the will i.e. the will in most the cases will be maximum of two to three pages even with all the minor details.

Mentioning the fact that the will is the last one that the individual is making without being under any sort of pressure physical or mental.

The will include information about the members of the family and the assets owned by the party on the particular date or if their are any particular liabilities to be taken care of.

Then comes the point to mention which asset is going to be inherited by whom and when.

To register or not to register?

While Registration of a will is not compulsory in any states of India but it does facilitate in proving whether the will is legit or not since to register a will one has to go to registrar’s office with the witnesses who sign too. This procedure now is often video recorded in most of the cities for ease in proving facts later.

To probate or not to probate?

Probate is mandatory when the will consists of immovable property in the cities of Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai or when somebody is not in agreement that it is a valid will.

When a will can be challenged?

TW Bonus Point

Usage of no stamp paper is mandatory when it comes to a will as well as notary isn’t required as well but some opt for it when the will is not registered just to get an extra layer of security.

When the person has mental issues in the past, a doctor’s certificate is required otherwise also a personal fitness certificate is attached.

In total two witnesses are required who shouldn’t benefit in any way possible from the will.

Executor shall also be appointed to see that the said wishes are fulfilled and the assets are distributed accordingly.

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