Calculators & Resources

Calculators & Resources

Whether it is a business organization or simply a service based concern hustling to survive the tough competition out there, one thing all of us need is the timely availability of different tools, calculators or just a bunch of nicely structured plans to manage our routines in a way so efficient that we can utilize every hour of our day. 

Below is our data centre that we make available to every individual out there free of cost.

Resource Hub - Taxationwealth

In order to ease up the headache that comes with running a business or being toe to toe with vultures of the service industry, the team at Taxationwealth makes sure that the data center is kept up to date with all the amenities that make your life simpler.


Retirement Bucket Strategy - Taxationwealth
Income Tax Calculator 2021- Taxationwealth
Life Insurance Calculator - Taxationwealth
Capital Gains Tax Calculator - Taxationwealth
What my family should know - Taxationwealth
Productivity Tracker - Taxationwealth
IFA Business Target Sheet - Taxationwealth
Conditional Power of Attorney - Taxationwealth
Client Sheet - Taxationwealth
Client Master Sheet - TaxationwealthClient Master Sheet - Taxationwealth


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