About Us

About Us

At Taxation wealth we provide you with wealth management services by adopting a personalized advisory approach in order to achieve ones financial goals.

Facilitating different investors by making available digital platforms and a complete range of solutions that compliment our advisory services.

Our tagline is “Your success brings us business” which highlights the importance of excellence in our work in different genres.

We provide a wide variety of services which includes providing our clients a regular income source through the medium of Fixed Deposits, Investment services like Mutual funds and transferring financial risks through adequate insurance solutions.

What we do at Taxation wealth

Composition of Team – A mix of team members from Gen-X to Gen-Z specialists in different genres.

@Charanjit Ahuja

Photo - Charanjit-Ahuja-Taxationwealth

He is a practicing tax consultant in the finance industry for more than three decades now and believes in doing what it takes to do the things in the right way. Whether it’s cricket or financial news, if it’s happening he wants to know about it.
From VAT to GST, no matter how much transitions their have been in the industry, he has managed to successfully study & survive them all.

@Adv Sourav Ahuja

Hi, I am a admirer of Warren Buffett, a financial planner with a keen interest in spreading financial education. I’ve always believed in moving forward with others as a team by keeping a united front. Currently an advocate practicing in different genres like Income Tax and GST. When it comes to my work beliefs, I invest in the long haul and that’s what I tell people too.

@Gourav Ahuja

Profile Image - Gourav Ahuja

Hi, I am a Web Master at Taxation Wealth. I use content management systems to combine and enhance the outcomes of different people to establish the most optimal website for the creator as well as the end user. Also, from more than 5 years being a financial controller I have been speaking the language of business. I believe in the act of persisting no matter how cumbersome the path of perfection may be and due to this constant urge of achieving what I want people often assume me to be abnormal but according to me I just don’t get embarrassed easily because I am already maxed out.

@Dr Pawan Garg

Believes in enhancing his skills by keeping his treasure of knowledge on point and intact. He has been torturing data and making it confess facts since 12 years in the financial sector. It may be analyzing fundamentals of equity or helping investors to stay focused on the track of achieving their goals, he likes to stay sharp and do it all like a pro.

@Sukhpreet Singh

I am a assistant accountant. I have been working for Taxation wealth for more than a year. I look forward to grow with them to lead a better life. I know how to get things done because i believe in doing what i am told and how i am told.

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