Types of Debt Mutual Funds – Park Your Funds Like a Pro

Types of Debt Mutual Funds - Park Your Funds Like a Pro

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Types of Debt Mutual Funds - Taxationwealth

Their is nothing better for an Indian parent than hearing the sound of the purely magical word ‘Fixed’ when it comes to the return on the money invested. And this very magical word limits the scope of growth in a very excruciating way.

The Fixed rate of return options like government securities, corporate bonds, treasury bills or the infamous fixed deposits do give us a hint of satisfaction that comforts us in our subconscious but they also hinder in the most important objective of any investor which is nonetheless wealth creation.

So in order to know all about escaping this trap, read the below article to get all the options from a day to years for smartly handling and distributing funds in safe yet progressive options.

Types of Debt Mutual Funds

1. Liquid Funds

2. Gilt Funds

3. Overnight Funds

4. Corporate Bond Funds

5. Dynamic Bond Funds

6. Floating Rate Funds

7. Fixed Maturity Plans

Except all the above alternatives the market also has others like low duration fund, short duration fund, ultra short duration funds, money market fund, banking and public sector debt funds.

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