Stocks Vs Cryptocurrency : The new normal?

Stocks Vs Cryptocurrency : The new normal?

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Importance of having a secondary source of income after the pandemic is now known to all. 

Generating a passive income through timely investments which may be stocks, mutual funds or any other option found suitable based on the requirements of the investor is a method exercised by many.

Recently people have become way more active towards the stock market than they were before. Now this can be accounted as an after effect of the pandemic as well as the repercussions of falling interest rates.

Whereas emerging interest of people at large in Cryptocurrency is also seen as an upward trend in the urge of society to develop passive income sources.

When it comes to cryptos the keyword associated is ‘Blockchain’ i.e the technology on which the whole crypto market works. Several cryptocurrencies have appeared in the market till now namely Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin.

Key Differences : Buying stocks & Buying Cryptos


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