ICICI New Fund Offer – NFO Facts and Figures

ICICI to bring new Flexi Cap Fund Offer - NFO Facts and Figures

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ICICI FLEXI CAP FUND - Taxationwealth

ICICI Mutual Fund will launch a new fund named Flexi cap fund on June 28, 2021 and will remain open for the usual 15 day period up to July 12, 2021. The New fund offer brings capital appreciation as a goal when money is invested for long term.

For achieving this very goal the fund manager will invest the corpus gathered in equity and equity related schemes. The mutual fund will be managed by Rajat Chandak and the overseas handling of the ICICI fund will be done by Priyanka Khandelwal.

The basic benefit that an investor would yield after investing in the fund would be of market capitalization since the fund can invest in different large cap, mid cap, small cap companies and even choose to exploit a particular sector to generate profits or just to dump money in order to survive when the market conditions seem dicey.

Seeing the wide area of diversification available to the open ended mutual fund scheme, the benchmark index will be S&P BSE 500.

The asset allocation will be done considering various aspects such as inflation, economic indicators, earning capability of the company in future, the return ratio provided in the past years, management, global factors affecting the market or even the timely valuations.

Asset allocation of ICICI Flexi Cap Fund - Taxationwealth

The figures above can be changed as per the will of the fund manager but they shall remain within the guidelines passed in the mandate issued.


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